About Us


To preserve and maintain Olalla’s heritage and foster a sense of community.

Purpose: To serve community including the citizens and other organizations as specified in the Club charter. To maintain a public meeting place for related civic activities.

Identity: Ensure that the Club is a focal point for Olalla’s identity and promotes activities that are genuine to Olalla.

Tradition: Preserve Olalla’s traditional events such as the Old-timer’s Picnic, Easter Pancake Breakfast, Polar Bear Jump, and Olalla’s annual Festivals.

Assets: Safeguard Olalla’s community assets such as beach recreation, parks and the Olalla Community Club. 

Culture: Stimulate culture through recreation, public markets, lectures, plays, dances, concerts and education.


Background: Through the decades, the Club has meant something to each generation and holds a history to be maintained. Olalla is on the southern end of Kitsap County and is unincorporated. The Club is a place for the community to come together for social purposes and deal with issues that affect it.