Olalla House Community Club Concerts

For years the Olalla House has hosted great national, regional and local musical talent in Olalla. Nolan and Lisa  Pepperdine have moved the concert series to the Olalla Community Club. This is all volunteer and needs your support to be able to continue.

For the latest information please go to http://www.olallahouse.org/index.html

Olalla House Community Club Concert Schedule 2017/18
September 9th – Flagship Romance
September 30th -Nina Gerber
October 14th – Sam Weis
November 11th – Daring Greatly
December 16th – Larry Murante
January 13th – Dan Weber
February 10 – Ian McFeron  Band
March 17th – Read Jamieson Band
April 14th – Writers in the Round
May 12th – Dan Frechette

Want to help with the concerts or need to talk with a person.. please call Nolan Pepperdine 253-439-0078